Friday, December 14, 2012

Do our memories attach themselves to emotions...

I woke up this morning wondering where the year had gone.  It didn’t seem like December with no snow on the ground and sixty degree weather, especially for the northeastern states.  I did however manage to take a peek at the different friends I have made over this past year and smiled knowing they will be a part of my life, for the rest of my life.  Their memories will linger in my mind long after the year has gone by and my memory will be full of the times we shared together.

Is it wrong to remember other people and the impact they have had on your life, even if you can’t recall how you spent your previous year?

I love the thought that our brains work so mysteriously that we can recall a fond memory or even a sad time before we can remember what we had for breakfast.  It is like separating files and photos on your computer, leaving room to store more and putting the nonessentials in the recycle bin.

Do we remember things that only leave a mark on our mind or do we selectively remember different events that are, or were, attached to an emotion?

Do our memories attach themselves to emotions so we won’t forget them or do they follow the path of least resistance like a liquid and trigger each other from time to time?

However our minds and brains work, I am glad that I have had the chance to meet some really wonderful people and reserve a spot for them to continue sharing memories with me – even if filed somewhere in the unknown of my intellect.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Where do you get your stories from

Where do you get your story ideas from?

I have been asked - When you write your stories, where do you get your ideas from?  My answer is this…

It depends on what type of book I am writing.  If I am writing a romance story, I generally get my ideas from books, movies, and my own personal life.  I also try to combine information from stories I have read, movies I have watched, and thoughts shared on a more personal side. 

I tend to shy away from writing stories where I cannot build the background knowledge or information in my mind first, then put it on paper.

So now I ask you… When you write your stories, where do you get your ideas from? 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hello world of Romance and Erotic writers and readers.  I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you.
I am “new” to the world of writing romance and erotic books.  I have been writing for many years, but have not had the chance to put anything under my own name.  I was always in the background of another story for another writer, but not my own work.
The times have now changed for me and I can take some time to write my own stories and build my own fan base.
I hope I can fit into this little piece of pie that seems to have exploded into a bite for everyone who was setting at the table, with fork and knife in hand, prepared for the tiny morsel that awaited them. 
Now as I brush the crumbs off into my hand and wipe the corners of my mouth, I will gently slide my chair back and arise into the world of writing. 
Won’t you join me…